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Identifying potential warning signs of chronic disease early gives you a better chance of seeking treatment before it becomes debilitating and costs and severity of treatment increase.

Thermal imaging offers you a new way of visualizing your breast health that is safe, pain free and non-invasive. Suitable for women of all ages whether you have implants, a pacemaker, chemo port or are under the age of 40

With a thermal scan there is no radiation exposure, no physical contact or compression and it is pain free. The thermal scan can also monitor lymph congestion in the armpit area where a mammogram cannot. A breast scan also includes a scan of the thyroid to monitor for any thermal changes which may indicate thyroid dysfunction.

A 60 min massage is the equivalent of 7 – 8 hours of sleep to your body – if you are feeling stressed a soothing massage can make all the difference. Don’t under estimate the power of massage – self care is crucial.

In this time where concerns regarding the pandemic are running high a scan can assist in checking the state of your lymphatic system. We can also assist with lymph drainage to help rid the body of unwanted toxins and congestion.

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