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What is Alles.co.za all about?

'Alles' means 'everything' in Afrikaans and if you're looking for any business, service or skill in South Africa, we would like you to find everything in one place. We aim to list businesses big and small but we're especially looking for those of you who run your own business from home and connect you to a clients base who otherwise, would not have known of your existence. There might be a business down the street that you were unaware of. We're trying to place all these in one big South African business hub.

We could also like to give you the opportunity to advertise any job openings you might have at your business or requests for collaborations or partnerships with potentially interested parties. Every listing gets checked for quality and manually added by us.

What will my business listing look like?

We will create a page with all the info you provide us with to attract more clients. You will be loaded under one of our main 9 business spheres and a sub-category will be created for you.

What we need from you is:
up to 5 photos with short descriptions, a write-up explaining your company's products or services, your location, operating hours, e-mail address, phone number, social media links and any special notes or instructions you might have for your clients. If you have a YouTube link for your company, please supply that as well, as videos market businesses very effectively.

Here is an example of a business listing:


How much does it cost? Can I get a free ride?

Your first month is 100% free and on us. After that you can decide if you would like to continue listing with us (we hope you do!) and then we'll give you the EFT details - we are extremely cheap! You will only pay R60 per month, month-to-month per listing and you can cancel any time.

If you decide to pay for 12 months year ahead, you'll save yourself R10 per month and only pay R50 per month (R600 for a total of 12 months). You also have the option of submitting 2 articles or blog posts related to your business or industry which is just the best medicine for SEO to help your business rank higher on Google. Have a look at some articles over here: Business Articles.

Featured listings are a mere R250 per month, but we only have 4 slots available every month because we don't want to clutter the site. When you sign up, you automatically appear under one of three "latest listings" as well on the front page. The newest 3 listings will always appear on the front page.   

How do job listings and collaboration placements work?

The aim is to only list jobs which business owners place with us, in other words, we're not a site where people upload their CVs. You might for instance run a digital agency which is in need of an SEO specialist or maybe you have a hair salon in need of a hairdresser. In the case of collaboration requests, you might be a wedding photographer with a booking where you need the services of a videographer. This is a free service for those who list with us, whether you list month to month or during your free first month.