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Dis naweek, kom ons fokken duik!

In Dis naweek kom ons fokken duik! deur griffinRek jou bek

Dis Vrydag en dit beteken jy moet vanaand ‘n hero wees. Gaan red al daai drank wat in blikkies en bottels ge-trap is!
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griffinDis naweek, kom ons fokken duik!
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The Voice SA judges injected at least one maroewhana last week!

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Our top 10 weekly selection of DSTV Now | Showmax | YouTube | Netflix | Amazon Prime

Ja-ja, don’t skop a heart attack. We actual legit know how to spell marijuana and that you don’t inject it. We just chose to spreek it uit like a clueless Afrikaans dominee would. Yes, that is in fact how you spell dominee. I know, us Afrikaans okes aren’t lekker. Why are we a distressed dominee this week? Because the judges on The Voice SA made a moerse mistake. Ons is erg beswaard (we are bad sworded) and the okes must maybe rethink how the vaab works and start off with their chairs facing contestants because if you don’t know how to use your ears, you should maybe use your eyes. Kyk hulle in die oë, my ou.
Let’s rather just get to this week’s top ten choice of streaming entertainment in South Africa before we turn into mouth breathing offended old people and pop a head vein.

This week I even wrote a full article in Engels about cowboys and horses and shit. I used up my entire English degree. Like they say in the click-bait headlines: “Number 8 is my favourite”…


What look you this weekend? You look at our lekker list, compliments of The Plumlist.

 10#The world is going to end on a Saturday
The much-anticipated screen adaption of Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett’s end-of-times, deathly funny book Good Omens is coming to our screen at the end of May.
On Amazon Prime
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 #9 Die Byl, my bru!
Enjoy authentically South African stories? Then add kykNET’s Die Byl to your watchlist. Die Byl follows colonel Piet van der Bijl, a sharp-minded detective dedicated to catching serial killers. (Don’t speak Afrikaans? Don’t stress, there are English subtitles.)
 On Showmax
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#8 Are westerns facing the gallows?
Back in the 50s to mid-70s, TV and cinema were dominated by traditional westerns. Then the genre quietly went to sleep. And you know what? It had to take a nap because westerns were becoming boring and predictable. Also, you should read this, because I wrote it.
 On Showmax
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 #7 Four reasons we’re still obsessed with The Magicians
Season 4 of cult adult fantasy series The Magicians is streaming on Showmax, with new episodes coming express from the US every week. The first three seasons were based on Lev Grossman’s award-winning trilogy of bestselling fantasy novels, dubbed “Harry Potter for grown-ups” by The Guardian.
 On Showmax
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 #6 American Gods!!!
We can’t wait for Season 2 of American Gods. Even this opening scene can’t slake our thirst. Do you hear us, Bilquis? We are thirsty for more!The screen adaption of Neil Gaiman’s best-selling novel has been nothing short of visually spectacular. Season 1 of American Gods ended with war being declared and Mr Wednesday (aka Odin, Glad-of-Way, The Allfather) revealing his true identity to Shadow Moon (Ricky Whittle).
 On Amazon Prime
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 #5 Ingrid Goes West is a vapid hot mess
Some films are so well written, so beautifully shot and so awe-inspiring that only committed contrarians could possibly claim to dislike them. We’re thinking here of the likes of Amélie, Casablanca, and The Shawshank Redemption.
 On Showmax
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 #4 Stan Against Evil
You may recognise John C McGinley from Scrubs; this time he’s cleaning up his quiet New Hampshire town, which is being over-run by demons in this comedy-horror series. Former sheriff Stan Miller must team up with his replacement Evie Barret to do battle with the horde of ghouls that go bump in the night.
 On DSTV Now 
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 #3 Curb Your Enthusiasm klaps season 9 already!
Try as he might, Larry just can’t seem to please those around him. Even simple tasks like firing his assistant or going to the doctor backfire on him. But Larry is his own worst enemy, which is why we all love this show!
 On Showmax
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 #2 The best sci-fi show you’re not watching
Three seasons of The Expanse are now on Amazon Prime, based on the books by Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck. A detective and a ship’s captain investigate the case of a missing woman hundred of years in the future, going on a journey across space as conspiracies and secrets are revealed. 
 On Amazon Prime
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 #1. The Voice SA
With host Anele Mdoda and coaches Riky Rick, Riana Nel, Francois van Coke and Lira, the brand-new season of The Voice SA is not to be missed. Which of the music-star hopefuls will each of the judges choose to be on their team? New episodes land every Sunday on DStv Now, and will be available to stream until 31 July 2019.
 On Dstv Now
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Our randomized trailer pick of the week

Each week we take a number from 1 to 10 from our list of suggestions and put it through a randomizer to choose a trailer to show you. This week we’re so glad that our randomizer came up with this contestant from The Voice SA. Actually it landed on American Gods first, then we rigged the results.

Right about now, we just need to gooi a disclaimer as well – Rob Edeling is actually a close friend of ours here in good old Plakkietoria, but we don’t need all that bias and nepotism to enjoy his performance of uncle Johnny Cash’s Ring Of Fire on The Voice  last week. Judge for yourself. just don’t judge as kak as the judges. You mos have ears?

griffinThe Voice SA judges injected at least one maroewhana last week!
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The British are not interested in any cultural activities or to support the traditions – Msafiri Zawose

In Rolbees Reviews deur RolbeesRek jou bek

I had a quick chat with South African musician, Aidan Martin who in turn asked Msafiri Zawose to comment on a few of the questions. Watkykjy will keep an eye on this talented artist from Tanzania from now on and possibly dedicate a review, write-up or Q&A solely to his music alone in future.

Howzit bro! Hope all is well! I listened to the new single you sent me, and I fucking loved it. Before we get to the tune, what have you been busy with since the last time we spoke?
Hey man, I’m good thanks. Glad you dig the track! Well, last year was a long one I tell you. They all are, haha! I didn’t play much, but at least I got to travel a bit. After Tanzania I went to Europe for about two months to play some shows and did some sightseeing. It was a good time!

So, of course your visit to Tanzania was an important milestone in your career. Why did you visit the country?
Well, it all just happened by chance, really. A friend of mine met Jo who runs The Firefly Hotel in Bagamoyo. Jo said she would be interested in hosting me as the resident artist for the month and that sounded alright with me.

Tell us a bit about the country, it’s people and their music. How did it influence you, not only as a human being, but also from an artistic perspective? I mean, it obviously changed your creative direction?
The town has a great charm to it. Friendly people. I visited Tasuba College of Arts and ended up performing on their Friday night concert with one of the students. I also jammed with two of the students named Assa and Willy at The Firefly and a bar around the corner. It was low key and I just had a good time. I’m grateful to have jammed with Msafiri. It’s not everyday you get to record and jam with someone who plays the ilimba, kora, zeze, marimba, flute and sings as well. I must admit it was more enjoyable than Europe. The trip most definitely lifted my spirit.

Your latest single is aptly called Bagamoyo and, as you alluded to, you collaborated with Tanzanian multi-instrumentalist and composer Msafiri Zawose. Guys, what does this name mean and what is this song about? 
It means “Lay down your Heart” in Swahili.
It’s all about a beautiful thing and the culture in the particular town. The song was influenced by the language we speak and the life we live.
That’s pretty cool. Aidan, how did you meet Msafiri and what was it like working with him?
Well thanks to Jo from Firefly Hotel, really. She put me in touch with him and he invited me over to his studio. I must admit that I tried to postpone it to the next day as I had a massive hangover but Msafiri said now or never. So luckily, I went. It was really easy working with him and inspirational.

It could be my untrained ears but I hear not only West African influences but also traces of East-African influences in the song? Can you guys give me some guidance on the origins of the music here if you don’t mind?
Well when I heard Ali Farka Toure’s album with Ry Cooder called Talking Timbaktu it had a great impact on me. I also got to see his son, Vieux Farka Toure live in Johannesburg a few years ago. Hearing Justin Adams and Juldeh Camara jamming with Robert Plant also influenced me. Been listening to lots of Fela Kuti and quite a few others. I’m not too clued up on it all though, but it’s mainly just different cultures with different languages which results in different sounds.
West Africa is francophone, which means they speak French. They also have a more Arab influence. They also receive more assistance for Arts and Culture development from the French government as the they provide financial grants and resources such as promoters and booking agents to musicians. Also the government benefits a lot from cultural activities and tourism. East African is anglophone (English speaking). Unfortunately the British are not interested in any cultural activities or to support the traditions. The government often use musical platforms for political campaigns. They prohibit people from raising their opinion and thereby preventing music and the message to benefit the people of East Africa.

That’s… pretty fucked up. So, Masafiri’s vocals feature on the tune but not yours, Aidan. What brought about this specific arrangement?
I initially sang on the track. We were thinking of doing a verse each but in the end his vocals suited the track way more! The initial takes I did are quite funny and not for public ears. He sent me his vocal tracks with harmonies which was enough to fill the track and if you listen closely you can also hear him chanting phrases. I had to rearrange the track and came up with a few more different guitar parts. You can hear an acoustic (signal) panned left and one panned right. I needed something strong for the chorus and came up with a cool riff that I double with the bass. It’s a very simple song with two chords but there are interesting things going on. It’s got a groove!

I’d love to hear the initial takes, haha! Aidan, you also worked with Graham Ward again on this one. The drums sound great. Graham recorded and produced your Refugee album, I think. What brought about his involvement in this project?
The track was basically done. I had a good mix and only had a kick drum going throughout which worked well. I thought I didn’t want to add too much but I was curious to hear what Graham would do and he nailed it, didn’t he? The drums really add a live feel to the track and bring it to life for me. Great playing! Three takes. Graham also helped mix and master the song further as well. He’s easy to work with and has a natural feel for taking a song in the right direction.  

I’m sure this tune is the start of something bigger? Are you planning more singles? More colabs? An album? What’s on the cards for the future?
We are keen on playing some live shows. Msafiri is keen to come here… wait I’ll rather go back there, haha! We both want to do another track so I’m really looking forward to that. Would be great to play some shows together.

Ja man, that sounds awesome. Are you performing live anywhere in the near future that fans should be aware of?
Check out my website at: or my facebook  page:

Thanks for the quick chat bro! All the best with your endeavours.
Thanks Rolbees, I appreciate your time. Chat soon!

RolbeesThe British are not interested in any cultural activities or to support the traditions – Msafiri Zawose
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Maria Kirilenko – Woensdag se warm bokkie

In Warm Bokkies deur griffinRek jou bek

Maria Kirilenko is ‘n voormalige professionele Russiese tennisspeler wat byvoorbeeld in 2002 die US Open Girls’ Singles gewen het. Sy het ‘n hele paar Grand Slam quarterfinals gehaal en was sterk op pad om die tenniswêreld te verower maar oOngelukkig het sy haar knieg opgefok hier teen die einde van 2013 en nooit regtig weer recover nie. Sy het intussen getrou en twee kinders is uit die huwelik gebore.

As jy, soos ek, ‘n moerse tennis fan is, vat so halfuur en kyk die highlights van die 2010 Australian open in Melbourner tussen  Kirilenko en Sharapova. Die twee pragtige Russiese tannies is nogal tjommies ook.
Wie is jou gunsteling tennisspeler van alle tye?

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griffinMaria Kirilenko – Woensdag se warm bokkie